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60 days loan – payday loans for 2 months. Where will you get

Online Payday loans are one of the most popular products in the non-banking industry. They stand out because of their easy granting and provide invaluable support in emergencies.

The problem may be the short loan period, which in the case of standard payday loans is only 30 days. Long-term loans can be a solution. Where to find them

60-day loan – what is it about?

60-day loan - what is it about?

Until recently, payday loans were only granted for 30 days. Due to the changing needs of consumers, loan companies decided to introduce loans offered on the same terms as payday loans, but with a repayment period extended to 60 days.

The method of application is the same, however, the payment has been divided into 2 installments. In this case, customers can also take advantage of the first free loan, despite the extended repayment period.

Who can use the payday pay for 2 months?

Non-bank companies use a simplified lending policy, which is why the requirements for clients are significantly reduced. Most payday loans are granted without certificates so that they can be used by the unemployed and people with income sources other than work. The condition of using the offer is submitting the application online, and in addition:

  • of age,
  • Polish nationality,
  • place of residence in the country,
  • active phone number
  • ownership bank account.

For loans without database verification, you may need to document income sources to determine your creditworthiness. Lenders may, therefore, require a bank statement to assess the client’s financial capacity.

How do you find the best deal?


Due to the wide variety of loans, the repayment terms should be carefully considered before submitting your application. It is worth considering such parameters as:

  • APRC – includes all loan costs that may affect the amount to be returned. This mainly applies to installment loans.
  • Repayment period – it is worth checking whether the lender allows you to extend the deadline after 60 days.
  • Costs for late repayment – payday loans are granted without interest or commission if they are repaid on time. Check what the costs are in the event of a delay.

In the case of the first payday loans for USD 0, you have to be aware of the fact that they are granted for relatively small amounts. Only another loan can be granted for a larger amount.

Where to take a loan for 60 days?

The easiest way to find the best payday is to use a comparison engine. By providing requirements for the loan amount and repayment period, you can view offers from various lenders. This way you will find out which company offers pay-as-you-go payday loans and on what terms it provides financial support. In addition, you’ll see which institution sends money quickly, and which verification procedures can delay the transfer.

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